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Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

If you’ve seen the Kardashian’s lately, you’ve probably noticed that you’ve been rocking the boxer “braids” lately. This trend has a long history and has been borne by female boxers for decades, but now thanks to hashtags and social media, this trend is now becoming a worldwide fashion trend. Here are some of our favorite Kardashian looks with this braided trend.

Kim Kardashian Long Blonde Boxer Braids

Kim Kardashian was seen rocking those braids in her darker and lighter hair tones. We love this look with the platinum blonde, because it combines perfectly chic color with an edgy style.

Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

Kim Kardashian with long blond boxer braids

Kim Kardashian Tiered boxer braids

– Kim has this look even edgier by making very clear parts and adding 4 braids instead of 4. There are two tight but pretty chunky braids on the top and two slightly smaller braids on each side. This look would be perfect for someone who wants to create that height but not width with your face shape.

Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

Kim Kardashian Dutch braids

Khloe Kardashian boxer braids

Kim is not the only Kardashian sister who loves this trendy hairstyle pulled back. Sister Khloe was seen wearing these Dutch braids on many occasions. Rather, she wears the classic two-sided boxer braids or the tiered braids like Kim, she shows us how practical this look is for keeping your hair safe and pulling back.

Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

Perfect boxer braids for warm days

Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

Khloe is edgy boxer braid hairstyle

Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

Khloe long boxer braided hairstyle

Kylie Jenner boxer braids

Kylie Jenner was also seen wearing these braids. Although she seems to wear for more casual looks than her Kardashian sisters, she is not afraid to play with that look. Rather, make you looser for a softer look or wear around the pool, it proves this braided look is very versatile.

Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

Kylie Jenner long, Dutch braids

Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

Kylie Jenner casual boxer braids

How to get the Kardashian braided hairstyle

Stylists have seen an increase in visitors in question, the appearance, how do you do it?

Step 1

Divide the hair in two and start with a triangular cut at the hairline.

step 2

Divide the triangle into three pieces including the hair. Unlike a French braid, you put every strand under the hair of the braid.

In essence, you are reversing the braid so the braid is on the outside not the inside.


For a big braid, you can start the braid from below or in the middle of your head. Starting from the top, will weave a smaller and narrower.

Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

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Kardashian boxer braid hairstyle

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